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Alessandra Capperdoni, Simon Fraser University, B.C.
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I am putting together a panel on the intersections of modernism, gender, and sexualities for the 2010 meeting of the Modernist Studies Association in Victoria, B.C. Why is the transgression of gender and sexual norms central to modernist literature and culture? How does modernism shape our understanding of the relationship between sex, gender, and sexuality? What gendered and sexed identities are made possible through modernist cultural production? How relevant are they to contemporary rearticulations of embodiment, including transgender and genderqueer subjectivities?
Topics relating to the construction and representation of gendered and sexed subjectivity may include, but need not be limited to:

- The Role of Scientific Discourse and Psychoanalysis
- Race and Ethnicity.
- Domestic Space and Architecture
- The Street and Public Space
- Nationalism and the State
- Governmentality and Biopolitics
- Female Bodies and Reproduction
- Embodiment and Representation of Animals
- Fashion and Class
- Literary Forms and Writing Strategies
- Literary and Artistic Networks
- Feminist Critiques of Phallogocentrism

Please send a 300-word abstract and 80-word biographical statement to Alessandra Capperdoni (email attachment to by Friday, April 30. The panel proposal will be submitted to the conference organizers on May 3.