Feminism in Practice Conference 2010: Reflection, Action, Change (deadline September 10, 2010)

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Women's Studies and the Women's Center at Lehigh University
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The Women's Center and Women's Studies at Lehigh University

invite proposal, paper, and poster submissions for

Feminism in Practice Conference 2010: Reflection, Action, Change
Saturday, November 6
Lehigh University

This one-day conference, held at Lehigh University, seeks to bring together professionals, academics, activists, and individuals interested in exploring how, when, and why feminism exists as a practical part of our lives.

The theme for this year underscores the necessary act of critical reflection before, during, and after we act, for without participating in both of these steps, change becomes bereft of reason. In an American context that pundits, academics, and social critics have defined as seriously lacking "critical thought," the 2010 Conference will offer all attendees the opportunity to explore and engage in these notions of loss of critical inquiry.

We invite submissions for roundtable or panel discussions, research and/or poster presentations, and scholarly papers. Submissions for this conference may be practically, creatively, or theoretically based.

Suggested topics may include
• Feminism and Politics/Political Feminism
• Activism
• Community organizing
• Critical reflection
• Blogs
• Feminism and Pedagogy
• Mothering and parenting
• Women in STEM Fields
• Feminism and higher education
• Non-profits work

Please submit proposals of no more than 750 words to infemcon@lehigh.edu by September 10, 2010. Other inquiries may be directed to Rita Jones (rmj207@lehigh.edu) or Jackie Krasas (jkr205@lehigh.edu).

Registration fee is $10, which includes pre-conference hors d'oeuvres (Friday, November 5) and breakfast and lunch during the conference.