[UPDATE] Do You Bowles? Paul Bowles's Centennial -- International Conference, October 21 - 23, 2010

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ULICES - University of Lisbon - Faculty of Letters
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The organizing committee of the Bowles International Conference in Lisbon issues a final Call for Papers (June 30) in order to invite interested scholars to present interesting papers or artistic works about Paul Bowles, Jane Bowles and their continuing legacy.
We look forward to papers that may challenge classic conceptions of the life and art of Paul Bowles and that preferably focus on issues not yet addressed in those already accepted, as listed on our main topics for the conference. Namely, Gothic and Horror, Modernism, Jane Bowles, Film music, magic/smoking/religion, Globalism, Media, or any other that might broaden further our already big list of titles. Please see our website at www.doyoubowles.com, and the Program Menu.