Vox Redux // Ventriloquism

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Final Call for Submissions

We want to thank our contributors so far for their excellent contributions, but there is still space for another 2-3 papers to round out our inaugural issue. Here again is the CFP:

Call for Submissions for the inaugural issue of Autopsia:

Vox Redux: Ventriloquism

Autopsia invites articles that critically engage with the motley themes of ventriloquism, including emulating, mimicking, aping, and other discursive forms where ventriloquism is in play. Topics may include:

Theory discourse and the emulations of Derrida, Deleuze, and other "celebrity thinkers"

Jargon (and the war against it)

(Mis)Representing the Other

Roleplaying the Other

Standing in for the Other

Puppeteering the Other

Throwing voices




Intertextuality and/as ventriloquism





General histories of ventriloquism and its uses in cinematic, literary, artistic, and intellectual discourse

Interviews with scholars, artists or other good citizens regarding the theme of ventriloquism

Papers should be submitted by no later than 25 August 2010

Correspondence should be directed to rhizomatic[at]myway[dot]com

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