[UPDATE] Histories Created Through Film at San Francisco State University Oct. 20-22, 2010

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San Francisco State University Cinema Studies Graduate Student Association

The San Francisco State University 12th Annual International Film Conference

This conference seeks to explore the role of cinema in reflecting and contributing to concepts of historical events, identity politics, cultures, cults and celebrity.

Histories, as narratives of both personal and public events, identities and societies, are created, recreated, and deconstructed in film. This conference will explore how cinematic depictions of histories differ from that of other media and how cinema's depiction influences both society and other media. The relation between cinema and histories invites investigation from numerous perspectives, including but not limited to:

•From History to Histories: Global, local and hybrid histories in cinema
•New Identities in Media: Creating histories of differences and sameness
•Millennial Histories: 2000-2010 and representations of the "future"
•National Perspectives: Recreating war stories from opposing sides of the battlefield
•Queer History and Stereotypes Perpetuated in Film
•Creating Immigrant Identities in Film
•Exploring the Historical Evolution of Cinematic Genre
•Cinema, History and Memory: Representation of historical events in narrative and non-narrative film
• Theories of Consumption and Reception of Cinematic Histories
•Finding Truth in the Historical Epic
•Film Movements as Signs of Their Times
•Wars and Remembrance in the Persian Gulf
•Film as Historic Artifact
•New Developments in Narrative Structures
•Histories Forgotten or Neglected by the Cinematic Canon

We invite proposals for 15-20 minute presentations. Equal consideration will be given to panel submissions of 2-3 participants. Email your submission to sfsufilmconference@gmail.com. Please include your name, affiliation and contact information (email address and phone number) along with your 350 word abstract and a short bibliography (around 5 sources) in one of the following formats: .doc or .pdf.

Deadline for abstract submissions: July 1, 2010

A selection of papers from this conference will be submitted to a peer review publication following the conference.