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We are pleased to announce a special issue of the University of Alberta e-journal, TranscUlturAl (

Serious or humorous, literature is connected to real life. Literature is a media of centuries. Through this media we can read history, hundreds of years on one page or one event on hundreds of pages. Literature shapes language and culture and is also shaped by language and culture. How exactly does literature influence culture and language and vice versa? How are Slavic literatures connected to other literatures of the world?

To answer these questions and go beyond them, we welcome submissions on the following topics:
Slavic Literatures Across SPACE:
Slavic Literatures and other Literatures: Contacts and Contexts
Intertextuality in Slavic Literatures
Representations of the Other in Slavic Literatures
Heteroglossia in Slavic Literatures
Slavic Literatures and Postcolonialism
Slavic Literatures in the Global Context
Slavic Diaspora Literature
Translation of Slavic Literature

Slavic Literatures Across TIME:
Slavic Literatures & Classicism
Slavic Literatures & Dissent
Slavic Literatures & (Post) Modernity
Slavic Literatures & Memory
New Trends in Slavic Literatures
Slavic World, Literatures & Religion

Submission Guidelines and calendar:

Languages: English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish.
Deadline: Aug. 14, 2010.
Authors should submit their papers to: Sathya Rao, and Iaroslav Pankovskyi, Please send articles (4,000 - 7,000 words) in Microsoft Word (or Word-compatible) format, as well as an abstract (200-300 words) in English (along with a translation in the article's original language and a short bio/bibliographical notice (150-200 words) on a separate sheet.
All the authors will be notified by email whether the article is accepted (with minor or major revisions) or refused.
Expected date of publication: January, 2011.
Author guidelines: