[UPDATE] Revisiting Latin American Literature and Arts: Special Issue dedicated to the Bicentennial of Mexican Independence

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Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities
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On the occasion of the bicentennial of Mexican Independence, we are dedicating this Special Issue (Vol 2, No 3) of Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in humanities (ISSN 0975-2935) on Latin American literature and arts, including those of Mexico in particular. This issue will be guest edited by Prof. Reynaldo Thompson, Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico.
We invite articles and book reviews on the following broad areas:
1. General Topics:
i. Discussion of the evolution of Latin American culture, literature and arts;
ii. Analysis of trends-old and/or new-that can be marked for a better understanding of cultural facts;
iii. Theories and meta-theories for Latin American literature and arts;
iv. Latin American literature and arts on the digital world;

2. Particular Topics:
i. Discussion of particular Latin American authors;
ii. Analysis of particular text/s for unearthing new themes;
iii. Discussion of particular Latin American visual artist/s and their art works in new light;
3. Art Works:
Contemporary Latin American artists are invited to submit their art works as JPG files (1024 pixel on the longest side) along with a bio-note and short description about the making of the works.
4. Book Reviews: We also invite reviews of books of/on Latin American authors and culture.
Please note that we are open to the suggestion of inclusion of any topic not listed above. We can also be contacted for any editorial help.
Email: editor@rupkatha.com
Please visit http://rupkatha.com/submissionguidelines.php for submission guidelines.