Religion and Popular Culture: Revised CFP and Deadline Extended to June 30

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Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture (MAP/ACA)

We are especially interested in papers that pertain to the following topic:

The Popularity of the End Times

A series of recent films, like 2010, and texts, like The World without Us, offer audiences fantasies of the end of human society. This panel seeks papers that compare and contrast these popular visions to stories from religious traditions that also describe the End Times (for example, the Biblical Revelations). Papers can also explore the ideological purposes of these popular visions of Armageddon or the reasons why audiences remain fascinated with The End.

The Religion and Popular Culture area also seeks presentations on topics such as:
--popular religion in the nation's capital and politics
--the depiction/revision of religious narratives in popular media
--religion's functioning in the popular culture of countries outside the U.S.
--popularized visions of saviors and "satans"
--the practice of religion in online forums
--religious kitsch.

We also welcome panel or paper proposals on methods or other themes relevant to Religion & Popular Culture.

The Religion & Popular Culture area is part of MAP/ACA—a deliberately interdisciplinary conference which welcomes proposals on all aspects of American and Popular culture. A 150-word abstract, your CV or bio, and your Audio-visual needs are due to Area Chairs by June 30.

Please send to each chair if there are co-chairs. For Proposal Guidelines, additional program areas, and further information visit Students (both graduate and undergraduate) are encouraged to submit proposals and sliding scale registration fees are available.