[UPDATE] SAMLA Native American Literature Panel - Film by, for, and with Native Americans (Atlanta, GA; Nov. 5-7)

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Jessica Bardill, Duke University
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Native American Literature
South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference

Film by, for, and with Native Americans

With the special focus of SAMLA's upcoming convention being "Film," this session welcomes submissions of proposals regarding the connections between film and Native American literature. Like many literatures, various Native American stories both by Native and non-Native filmmakers have been made in to films, including Fast Runner, Skins, Naturally Native, and The Business of Fancydancing. Non-Native filmmakers particularly have created narratives featuring Natives, such as Last of the Mohicans, Apocalypto, and The New World, that present a very different image of Natives than those created by Natives themselves. Films by non-Natives have endured criticism for their use of the source narratives, inclusion of Native languages, and integration of Native actors and community voices. Film has also become a medium for relating narratives from non-literary sources so this panel also encourages papers that engage in the growing body of Native film, from short to feature-length, documentary to horror and other genres. This session invites academic papers, multi-media, or digital pieces on any intersection of film and Native American literature. By June 20th, 2010, please email (no regular mail) 300-word abstracts with the requisite information as noted in the SAMLA call for papers guidelines, to Jessica Bardill, Duke University Department of English, jdb29@duke.edu.

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