Popular Culture and Activism (MAPACA Conference, Alexandria, VA 10/28/10-10/30/10) Abstract Deadline June 30th

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Mid Atlantic Popular and American Culture Associations
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Popular Culture and Activism welcomes papers or presentations that
explore the sphere of activism in the production of popular culture. Whether historical or contemporary, investigations into the role of activism in shaping popular culture or the role of popular culture in shaping activism are encouraged. Possible topics might include the way individual activists or groups have utilized popular media or sought to influence popular media. Other issues to consider are: how have activist groups been portrayed in popular culture? What forms of activism are being employed on college campuses or in local communities, and how does this tie in with or shape popular culture? What are the political or ideological implications of popular culture as reflected in television shows, films, music videos, the internet, magazines, fiction, etc.

For more information about the conference visit the MAPACA Website: http://mapaca.net/confer/conferHome.html

Abstracts of between 150-250 words should be sent by June 30th to chloe.avril@eng.gu.se