Panel: The Object and Cinema - SCMS New Orleans Mar. 10-13

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Brian Wall, Binghamton University
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Organizer: Brian Wall, Binghamton University
Respondent: Steven Shaviro, Wayne State University
After the long reign of the subject in cinema studies, what might we gain by turning our attention to the object? Recent philosophical work done under the rubric of Object Oriented Ontology or Speculative Realism, by Graham Harman, Levi Bryant, Steven Shaviro, Quentin Meillasoux and others seeks to address questions about the nature of objects beyond and apart from our subjective apprehension of and interaction with them. This panel looks to begin an exchange between a renewed and rigorously philosophical thinking of the object and film theory's persistent concerns with reality, materiality, objectivity and ontology. What can cinema tell us about the object? What kind of objects are films, the dvd, the data file? How does realism as a style or aesthetic intersect with the real?
Please send 300-word abstract with 3-5 bibliographic sources and a brief author biography by August 13, 2010 to Brian Wall (bwallATbinghamtonDOTedu).