Call for Contributions on 'The Last Film' - deadline October 4, 2010

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Jura Gentium Cinema
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Jura Gentium Cinema

Call for Contributions on 'The Last Film'

International contributions are sought for a dossier of articles converging around the idea of the last film.

Last-ness could apply to:

• The last film made in a certain jurisdiction, e.g. the last film made in ex-countries, e.g. GDR / USSR / Czechoslovakia / Yugoslavia, etc.,

• The last film made under a dictator or leader, e.g. Franco / Tito / Stalin / Hoxha / Blair, etc.

• The last film made by a defunct studio or by a company that has disappeared.

• The last film reflecting a particular ethos or made during an event-defined time frame (e.g. Communism, Vietnam, Apartheid).

• The last film made by a particular writer or director or actor.

• The last film made using a particular technology or material (e.g. East European film stock, Super 8).

• The last film made under a particular legislative or subvention framework, e.g. the last Hays code film, the last quota quickie.

• The last film of a disappeared genre.

This list isn't intended to be exhaustive and other readings of last-ness are welcome.

If you are interested in contributing to the Last Film Dossier please email Ryan Prout:

Contributions are welcome in any of the languages used by the journal and should be no more than 3000 words in length. Complete drafts should be sent as email attachments to the above email address by Monday 4 October 2010.