Conference on 'Managing Business Development in Globalized World: Strategies for Excellence' 4th-5th Feb,2011

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Prestige Institute of Management Dewas

Pr C O N - 2 0 1 1
Fourth National Conference on Managing Business Development in Globalized World: Strategies for Excellence

4th-5th Feb, 2011 - Dewas, Madhya Pradesh

Authors are invited to submit manuscripts that demonstrate original unpublished research focused on verity of aspects needed to achieve Strategies for Excellence, selected papers of the registered delegates, out of those accepted for presentation in the conference will be published in the form of book, which will be released during the conference.


Sub Themes: Finance
•Value Creation through Corporate restructuring
• Financial Re engineering
• Foreign Exchange and Risk management
• Asset liabilities management for banking and other financial institutions
• Venture capital and Entrepreneurial finance
• Financial innovations
• Cost and Performance management
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Project Management
• Global Investment Portfolio

Sub Themes : Human Resource
• Knowledge Management
• Current trends in Intellectual property rights (IPR)
• Enhancing global competitiveness through integration of :
– Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
– Emotional Quotient (EQ)
– Spiritual Quotient (SQ)
• Application of Total Quality Management (TQM) principles to Human Resources
• Competency Mapping
• Contemporary HR practices
• Innovative strategies for Change Management
• Techniques for HR audits

Sub Themes : Marketing
• Product design and development
• Market segmentation and profiling customers
• Brand building and enhancement
• Customer relationship Management
• Advertising and promotion techniques
• Loyalty programs
• Creative Marketing Strategies
• Rural marketing
• Logistics and distribution
• Retailing
• Business marketing
• Services Marketing

Sub Themes : Systems
• Systems approach to problem solving.
• E – Governance
• Data Mining and Data Warehousing
• Innovative Technology for Project Management
• Innovative IT strategy for Management
• Decision Support systems
• E-Business Strategy
• Management Support Systems
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Sub Themes : General Management
• Introduction to modern management
• Management and diversity
• Encouraging creativity and innovation
• Retirement plans and annuities
• cultural convergence and business practices
• Role of government policies in business
• Manufacturing and service industry
• fundamental ideas on business strength, ethics, the risk/reward balance.
• values to lead companies
• business and government collaboration to solve future challenges

Papers will be peer reviewed by experts and selected for presentation and inclusion in the conference proceedings based on their clarity, originality, relevance and significance.

For more information, please contact:

Prof. (Dr.) Rajendra Jain
Conference Chairman and
Director, PIMD
Mob. +91-94259-10111

Prof. Abhishek Tripathi
Conference Secretary and
Faculty, Marketing, PIMD
Mob. +91-98263-10207

Prof. Deepak Yadav
Conference Joint Secretary and
Faculty, Information Systems, PIMD
Mob. +91-98932-96860