Graduate Student Conference: Globalization and Aesthetics, December 3, 2010

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The Postcolonial Studies Group of the Rutgers Department of English

Graduate Student Conference:
Globalization and Aesthetics

The recent global recession has reignited debates on the social, political and cultural implications of globalization. Though the term 'globalization' is most often used to describe processes associated with the rise of neoliberal economies across the globe, these structural changes are themselves embedded in much longer histories of colonization and exploitation on the one hand, and transnational and cross-cultural exchanges on the other. Scholars such as Gayatri Spivak, Edward Said, Stuart Hall, Fredric Jameson, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri have theorized globalization and mapped its complex histories and forms.

How can we build upon this valuable theoretical work to analyze the ways in which aesthetic forms register and respond to globalization? What might analyses of cultural production and aesthetic form teach us about the processes we have come to term 'globalization?' .

The Postcolonial Studies Group of the Rutgers Department of English invites graduate student papers that explore the interconnections between globalization and aesthetics. Possible paper topics and areas of investigation include (but are not limited to):
- Genre and globalization
-New formations of subjectivities and collectivities within a globalized world
-Neoliberalism and aesthetics
-Globalization and its articulation in performative spaces (theater, festivals, rituals, monuments)
-World literature
-The world literary market
- Alternative temporalities of globalization
- Literature, resistance, and globalization

We invite papers from across disciplines, including those that take on an inter-disciplinary perspective.

The conference will be held at Rutgers, New Brunswick on December 3, 2010.

To apply, please submit a 250 word abstract along with a brief CV to by September 15, 2010.
All panels will have faculty respondents, and final drafts of papers have to be pre-circulated by October 30, 2010.

Please email if you have questions. Event sponsor: Modernism and Globalization Seminar Series