[UPDATE]: 18C Women and Popular Culture --ASECS Vancouver--March 17-20 2011 (deadline Sept 10)

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Tiffany Potter

Eighteenth-Century Women and Popular Culture

This panel seeks to bring together four scholars from divergent fields of study to present papers that illuminate the ways in which modern theories of popular culture and eighteenth-century cultural theory can be used together to consider the experience of women in eighteenth-century Europe. Recent studies of contemporary popular culture have illuminated the complex relationships that individuals and groups maintain with the larger artistic, political, and social movements around them. Such methodologies, however, have rarely been applied historically, and even more rarely to the eighteenth century. Though historical ideas of the popular are indeed complex, the papers in this panel will provide analysis of representations of women's engagements of popular culture, illuminating the relationships among high culture, women's culture, and popular culture, and the ways in which the conventional masculinization of high culture creates the feminine as the popular. Topics may include the popular significance of specific novels, plays, music compositions or domestic, artistic or social practice.

Please submit 200-word proposals and a 20-30 word biographical note by 10 September 2010 to tpotter@interchange.ubc.ca.

Following ASECS rules, please do let me know if you are submitting to more than one panel; participants at ASECS can present only one paper per annual meeting.