Landscape and Vision in Late Modernism, Louisville, Feb. 24-26, 2011

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The International Lawrence Durrell Society
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Call for Papers
Landscape and Vision in Late Modernism
Panel sponsored by the International Lawrence Durrell Society
Louisville Conference for Literature and Culture since 1900
February 24-26, 2011

"…only there, in the silences of the painter or the writer can reality be reordered, reworked and made to show its significant side." (Lawrence Durrell, Justine)

----"Vision is exorcism." (Clea)

If we can agree that literature is the product of perception, then vision is necessarily implicated in the creative process. At the same time, a singular perspective requires that a work of art take place in a particular location, real or imaginative. The intersection of a particular perspective and a specific landscape often produces what is variously called a sense of place, a cultural landscape, or, genius loci.

The International Lawrence Durrell Society invites papers addressing aspects of landscape and perception in late modernist texts for presentation at the Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900. The Society's readers take a broad view on the three areas of interest solicited here, late modernism, landscape, and perspective, but topics that connect to Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990) and his wide-ranging circle of colleagues and friends are especially welcome.

Possible landscapes to address include but are not limited to:

The linguistic landscape

The landscape of dreams

The political landscape

Peripheral or metropolitan landscapes

Imaginary, re-imagined or re-imaged landscapes

Intellectual/artistic/literary landscapes

Of equal importance is the observer/writer and how he or she perceives the viewed area. A few possible perspectives or ways of seeing include:

The Flaneur and/or Voyeur


The Subversive or subverting narrative

Historical/political/social/gendered positionality

Ambiguity/hybridity/exile (e.g., emotional, psychological, political)

Please send an abstract (approx. 300 words) as a Word attachment to Pamela J. Francis, at by Sept. 28, 2010. Please include your name and institutional affiliation, as well as contact information on the attached document.