William Carlos Williams and the Meaning of the Local [UPDATE]

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Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
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In a short prose piece on Kenneth Burke published in Imaginations, William Carlos Williams writes that "[o]ne has to learn what the meaning of the local is, for universal purposes. The local is the only thing that is universal" (358). As a lifelong resident of Rutherford, New Jersey, Williams is often identified with the Garden State. With NEMLA's 2011 conference situated in New Brunswick, New Jersey, this proposed panel intends to explore the personal, literary, and philosophical meaning of the local for Williams and its implications for his legacy as a modernist poet. The panel welcomes papers that examine this topic from a variety of critical perspectives covering the span of Williams's writings—from Paterson and his various collections of poetry to his short fiction, plays, novels, and essays. It also will consider papers that explore how Williams's emphasis upon the local influenced a younger generation of poets. Please send abstracts to: cappuccip@georgian.edu

Deadline: September 30, 2010
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