[UPDATE] Rubric Journal: creative/writing - Submissions now open until October 7th

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Rubric Journal
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Rubric is an online interdisciplinary journal centred around creative writing. It is a space in which to explore the nexus of text and subject, and critically consider the definition of these terms. We welcome contributions of fiction / poetry / fictocriticism / electronic literature / writing and critical theory / practice-based research and as yet undiscovered modes in-between. For critical non-fiction works, we suggest a length of 4,000 to 6,0000 words - feel free to contact us with queries if your project falls outside this scope.

As of this issue, all submissions will be double peer-reviewed by our editorial board: this is an exciting opportunity for contributors to help shape the future direction of the journal. We welcome international contributions.

Submissions close October 7th. For more information and submission guidelines, please visit us at http://rubric.org.au or email us at rubric@unsw.edu.au.