Comedy and Humor--San Antonio, TX, April 20-23, 2011

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Popular Culture Assn/American Culture Assn
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We're seeking paper or panel discussion proposals examining comedy and the nature of humor wherever we find it in popular culture:

Possible topics include (although we're open to any others you might want to explore) comedy in/and/of:

• pedagogy—we're particularly interested in this topic as a panel discussion
• media and advertising
• film, literature, television…
• political discourse
• the classics
• social justice and/or comedy as a means of social change
• religion
• consumer culture
• the internet
• globalization
• censorship
• music and/or the visual arts
• cultural boundary crossing
• race and ethnicity
• graphic novels and comics
• the tragic
• gender
• the family
• obscenity and transgression

Please send abstracts and a brief CV in a .doc or .pdf format by October 15, 2010 to the Area Chair:

Dr. Lori Lipoma Sr Lecturer in English; Dir. of Arts and Sciences Discipline-Specific Writing Program University of West Georgia