The Adulterous Text

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Neohelicon (Guest Editor: Dr. R.-L. Etienne Barnett)


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(Vol. 40, no. 1, June 2013)

Guest Editor
R.-L. Etienne Barnett


By its very constitution, every literary text is, in more than one sense, duplicitous, stealthy, deceitful, and, some might contend, ineluctably ludic. The act of creation, the process of conceptualization, formulation, enunciation and transcription, complexified by the ill-defined space between writer and reader, patently engender parcels of distortion, excision, alteration, even mutilation. In sum, there is no unassailable purity in the textual arena, save, perhaps, in the mind of the unwavering literalist, who ingests each "period" as the sacred, pristine, unchallengeable epitome of "nuda veritas."

Be it the subject of the text or its object, whether intentional or unintentional, however literal or metaphorical, there are, "by default," manifestations of illegitimacy or factitiousness proffered, if no more than as the residual product of "writing": disloyalty, infidelity, disavowed multiplicity, even poetic immorality (subject to a spectrum of interpretations). Whence, "the adulterous text," thus envisaged, embraces a notably broad and compelling spectrum of incarnations: the textualization of betrayal, or, no less tellingly, the betrayal of textualization.


Theoretical or applied contributions focused upon "adulterous" demeanors of textual enterprise, as specifically enucleated within each individual submission, will be given full and serious consideration.

Manuscripts in English, French, German or Italian, not to exceed twenty-five (25) double-spaced pages, including notes, bibliography and appendices, where applicable, are welcome.

Format and submission requirements: Papers, prepared in accordance with MLA guidelines and accompanied by an abstract and 6-8 key words (abstract and key words in English), are to be submitted via email in the form of a WORD document (attachment) to Dr. R.-L. Etienne Barnett (Guest Editor) at with copies to both and to Dr. Peter Hajdu at

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