The Contemporary Times: A Public Intellectual Review NEW [Ongoing deadline]

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Michael Y. Bennett, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
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The Contemporary Times: A Public Intellectual Review ( is BRAND NEW a grassroots online publication with no financial aims (i.e., The Contemporary Times has zero gross income). Its sole purpose is to provide an outlet for the exchange of meaningful, insightful, well-researched, and respectful dialogue among intellectuals (broadly conceived) concerning key intellectual debates and how these debates can be applied to ensuring the American democratic ideals of "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." This publication is not intended only for academics and researchers and is, therefore, written in clear, jargon-free language. The Contemporary Times is politically charged by its nature, however, it does not endorse any specific political or ideological group (though its contributors may). The writing in The Contemporary Times is meant solely to provide an exchange of knowledge for the greater good.

Seeking Editors

We are seeking broadly knowledgeable editors for a wide variety of fields, whose job is to apporove and/or solicit articles from potential contributors. Editors should have a solid grasp of the major intellectual debates in his or her field. Given that these articles are not "peer-reviewed" in the sense that newspaper articles are not peer-reviewed, the editor must be able to impress upon the potential contributors that he or she is writing for a non-expert (though edutcated) public audience, and that, in general, The Contemporary Times is interested in applied academics, if you will. It will also be up to the editor, should an article go beyond the scope of one's knowledge, to seek out another reader. However, it is, again, the job of the editor to ensure that the arugments and/or subject matter is not too narrowly defined.

The following are the editors that, at the moment, are needed:

* Art Editor
* Business Editor
* Law Editor
* Letters and Op-Eds Editor
* Literature Editor
* Medicine Editor
* Politics Editor
* Sciences Editor
* Social Sciences Editor

Please send a cover letter and c.v. to be considered for the position to the Editor-in-Chief. Editorships will be given out on a "first highly-qualified basis."

Artists/Artwork Needed:

The Contemporary Times has zero gross income and therefore does not pay any of its Editorial Staff or its contributors. Therefore if you would like to freelance or be commissioned to do original artwork, as we cannot pay for permissions, we more than welcome it.

Want to Contribute?

We are interested in articles that harness both cutting-edge and classic scholarship and apply these debates to articles that engage with our contemporary times (especially in the USA). Most importantly, these articles must be written for the non-specialist, though educated, reader. Therefore, avoid jargon at all costs and write in simple and clear prose.

If you are interested in writing an article for The Contemporary Times, please contact:

Editor-in-Chief of The Contemporary Times
Michael Y. Bennett
Assistant Professor of English in Drama
Unviersity of Wisconsin-Whitewater