"Coffee-Talk: Italian Sociability and the Gendering of Space" ASECS 2011, Vancouver March 17-20 (proposals' deadline 09/28/10)

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Irene Zanini-Cordi
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"Coffee-Talk: Italian Sociability and the Gendering of Space"
Irene Zanini-Cordi,
625 University Way,
Dept. Modern Languages and Linguistics,
Florida State U., Tallahassee, FL, 32306-1540;
Tel: (850) 570-9047; Fax: (850)
644-0524; Email:izaninicordi@fsu.edu

Please, submit one-page abstract by Sept.28.

Academies, salons and coffee-houses are only a few examples of spaces that fostered sociability in the long eighteenth century. This panel aims at exploring how Italian private and public spaces involved in
sociability have been gendered in literature and the arts. How does gender influence space, and how is that influence perceived and portrayed? What are the social, political and cultural consequences of
this gendering of space? Papers examining particular forms of sociability from an historical perspective, their literary and artistic expressions, as well as the physical sites of sociability are welcome.