Interfaces: encounters beyond the page / screen / stage

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University of Exeter
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1 Day Postgraduate Research Workshop and Exhibition, 29th January 2011

Confirmed Keynote Speaker: Dr Judith Buchanan (University of York)

Funded by the AHRC Beyond Text Student-led Initiative Scheme


This innovative multidisciplinary research training event examines questions of mediation and memory in

encounters with non-textual archival materials in the arts. By creating dialogues between postgraduates and

experienced researchers, and featuring practical sessions with curators and archivists, the research workshop

seeks to investigate issues that take the researcher beyond the text in the investigation of objects and

artefacts that constitute non-textual interfaces between film, literature and theatre.

Participating speakers and delegates will attend a central workshop event in the University's Bill Douglas

Centre for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture and Exeter's Special Collections, where a hands-on

exploration of key filmic and literary non-textual materials will be led by the curators of these archives.

Abstract for 20 minute papers are welcomed on the following core panel themes from

postgraduates across the arts disciplines in drama, literature, film, performing arts, visual culture and modern languages:

• Performativity: transitory forms created by performance and performativity; improvisation and the

play script; the body in play; performance and photographs/stills; the critical interpretation of

ephemera; the incorporation of non-print ephemera into academic scholarship; mediations between

public interest and critical histories surrounding popular artefacts; the function of stage props

• Beyond 'Adaptation': mediations involved in processes of adaptation across disciplines / media; the

creation and sustenance of 'media memories' in repeated adaptation

• Forms of Engagement: creative forms which overlap across the arts—such as illustrations, sound

recordings, and poetic readings; the translation and migration of theatrical, literary and filmic

heritages into business practices; non-narrative auto/biographical sites

• Production History: the exploration of how plays have been 'framed' in discussion, presentation

and analysis across their history; exploring the relationship between "text" and "performance"

• Digital Cultures: the impact of digitization upon the archival 'text'; the impact of new digital media

upon process of memory / memorial; multimedia practices and presentations

• Rethinking archives: how archives destabilize notions of 'text' / the search for archival authorial

'presence'; archival silences; notions of the archive as performance; questions of authority

surrounding pre-texts / printed texts; challenges encountered in recreating draft manuscripts; the

impact of 'anecdotal' archival material

We strongly encourage speakers to present the 'beyond text' materials of their research in

a multi-media format, bringing evidence of cornerstone non-textual examples—sound clip

/ manuscript image / artwork etc.

Please submit 300 word abstracts for 20 minute papers to Lisa Stead ( and Jennifer

Barnes ( Suggestions for panels of 3 speakers for any of the given core panel themes are also welcomed.

Supporting work for the Interfaces Exhibition is very much welcomed!

Deadline: November 1st, 2010.