Call for Chapters, Manufacturing Phobias

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Dr. Jeff Shantz and Dr. Hisham Ramadan

Call for Chapters: Manufacturing phobias

Various groups have recognized that hope and fear are very powerful driving forces capable of moving nations and shaping its actions. They have utilized both of these emotions to achieve their target, notwithstanding the negative impact on society as a whole. This phenomenon is not new. However, the current trend in this phenomenon is worth investigating in the form of a book containing a number of essays each of which expounds a different aspect of such phenomena. This is, by nature, an interdisciplinary book. Scholars from different disciplines are invited to contribute to this volume.

The purpose of the book is not to investigate phobias as a psychological disorder. Rather it aims to focus on how, why, and by what means, social phobias, as an industry, are created by special interest groups such as religious leaders, politicians, and financial sector leaders to target the most vulnerable in our society to achieve what is, indeed, impossible to achieve by ethical means.
Topics may include but are not limited to:
• phobias and economy/ economical factors
• political phobias
• religious phobias
• cultural phobias
• racial phobias
A contract for this book will be sought once a comprehensive book proposal is completed after compiling proposals for essays. We are sure, given our publication record, that the book shall be published by major publisher.

The book will consist of 7-8 essays. Each essay between 12,000-15,000 words in length including a reference list.
Please send a 300 word proposal or full-length essay, as Word doc attachments, to Dr Hisham Ramadan and Dr. Jeff Shantz via email at, by Dec 30, 2010.