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Adrienne E.Gavin and Andrew F.Humphries

Call for Papers

Transport in British Fiction: 1870-1930
(Collection of Critical Essays)
Essay proposals are invited for a proposed volume of critical essays on transport in British fiction in the period 1870-1930. The collection aims to assess transport's position in literary consciousness during a period of rapid social and cultural change. Essays should focus centrally on the use of transport or forms of transportation in novels, novellas or short stories during this period and might consider, for example:
• the narrative role of transport
• the contextual or historical picture of transport presented in fiction
• the representation of specific transport vehicles across a period (i.e. the New Woman and the bicycle, or the motor car and Modernism)
• transport and social or cultural transition
• transport in children's literature
• transport within the context of an author's approach to new technologies
• transport and gender
• transport and class
• transport and sexualities
Other approaches to transport in British fiction during this period will also be considered. Proposals are welcomed on single authors or on topics which range across writers, subgenres or periods of British fiction 1870-1930.
We envisage that completed essays will be 6,000-words long and due in May 2011.

We are particularly seeking essays on 1920s transport/fiction and on any transport topic of choice covering the period 1900-1930.
Please email 500-word proposals and a 150-200-word biography by December 1 2010 to BOTH editors:

Adrienne Gavin
Andrew Humphries