International Conference on Commonwealth Literature, December, India

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Indian Society for Commonwealth Studies.
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Theme: New Literatures: Re-Forming Modern Sensibility

Anti-colonial resistances have taken many forms, used a wide variety of methods to create new and alternative identities. The New Literatures have foregrounded the processes of re-locating the 'authorized' versions of histories and identities. The International Conference focuses on the diversity of the New Literatures in an attempt to critique matters of culture, ideology, nationality, ethnicity, hybridity, subjectivity, language, class and gender. It aims at exploring the subversive strategies adopted by the writers in their literary works in grappling with deep structures of meaning, value systems, and beliefs vis-à-vis the colonial package. It also seeks to examine the plethora of ideological issues included in the sub-themes, making them culture-specific and nation-specific. It highlights the active role played by the intellectuals and writers in the literary field without (emb)racing 'depressingly difficult' theory and/or jargon.

As the conference is interdisciplinary and comparative in its import, papers are welcome from sister disciplines/ departments/ languages on themes having a close bearing on the main theme. The suggested sub-themes are
(a) Multiculturalism in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India
(b) Francophone Literature
(c) Women's Writing
(d) Adivasi and Aboriginal Writings
(e) Protest in African & African-American Literatures
(f) Literatures of the Indian Subcontinent
(g) Translation of Regional Literatures
(h) Postmodernism and Postcoloniality in literary texts.
The list of the themes is only illustrative, not exhaustive. Participants therefore can write papers on any theme of their choice, relating it to the broad theme.