Mobility and Migration in Canadian and Quebec Literatures ACQL/ALCQ Annual Conference, May 28-30

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Association for Canadian and Quebec Literatures/Association des littératures canadiennes et québecoises

Mobility and Migration in Canadian and Quebec Writing

The theme of Congress 2011, "Coasts and Continents: Exploring People and Places," emphasizes the ways in which the far-flung regions of the world are brought into contact by the people who inhabit, traverse, and move among them. In keeping with this theme, the Association for Canadian and Quebec Literatures invites proposals on the significance of mobility and migration in Canadian and Quebec writing. Representations of mobility and migration occupy a central place in the literatures of English and French Canada, yet their significance can vary widely across these different cultural and historical contexts. How do mobility and migration make visible the points of contact and conflict among the peoples of Quebec and Canada? What meanings do they have in First Nations and Metis writing? How do they function in narratives of immigration, or in narratives of migration within Quebec and Canada? How do they contribute to the formation of colonial, national, regional, local, and global subjectivities? How do mobility and migration intersect with gender, race, and class?
We invite papers that explore these and other questions connected with mobility and migration in Canadian and Quebec writing both old and new.

Possible proposal topics could include:
Literatures of exploration
Travel writing
Narratives of exile
Diasporic literatures
Frontier writing
Road novels
Hybrid, transnational, and transcultural identities
Mobility/migration and gender/sexuality
Migration/mobility within national boundaries (i.e. urban/rural)
Canadian/Quebec literatures as mobile/migrant (i.e. their exportation to and reception in other parts of the world)
Mobility/migration and First/Metis nations
Mobility/migration and nationalism/transnationalism
Interdiscplinary approaches (i.e. literature and geography; literature and anthropology etc.)

We also welcome member-organized sessions on topics related to any aspect of the study of Canadian and Quebec literatures. Call for member-organized sessions should be no more than 200 words. They are due on or before 30 November 2010 and will be posted on the ACQL website.

All paper or session proposals can be written in French or English. Those who propose papers or sessions must be members of ACQL by March 1, 2011. See the ACQL website ( for membership registration information.

Please send paper proposals (no more than 300 words) with a short biography and a 50-word abstract to one of the coordinators listed below by 15 January 2011.

Coordinator (English)
Sara Jamieson
Dept. of English
Carleton University
1812 Dunton Tower
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON
K1S 5B6
fax: 613-520-3544

Coordinator (French)
Professor Lucie Hotte
Département de français
Université d'Ottawa
60, rue Université
Ottawa ON
K1N 6N5
Téléphone: 613-562-5800 poste 1078
Télécopieur: 613-562-6891