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Cross-Culture Literatures and Languages

The third GRADUATE PORTUGUESE & HISPANIC SYMPOSIUM (GRAPHSY) will be held March 25th–26th 2011, at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

This year's conference will explore the spaces of cultural intersection among languages, nationalities, and identities. Literature and Languages created at the borders, between hegemonic and subaltern spaces, between native and foreign cultures will be approached from different perspectives. We invite the submission of abstracts about the following fields: (i) linguistics, (ii) literature and (iii) cultural studies.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
Literature and Cultural Studies:
'Indigenismo' and Indigenous Literature (oral tradition, chronicles, codices)
Border Studies
U.S. Latin@ literature
Inclusion and Exclusion Dynamics (narratives and identity, ideas of nation, memory, race, gender)
Canon versus peripheries
Mythologies (cosmology, myths, syncretism, traditional medicines)
Historical Perspectives (archeology, customs, ethnicity)
Other Narratives (mass media, performance, film and video)

Please send your abstract as an attachment to graphsy2011@gmail.com (no more than 300 words). The abstract should include the geographic/thematic area of research, the temporal frame, as well as the paper's argument or hypothesis. Abstracts may be submitted in Spanish, Portuguese or English. The final deadline for submission is January 15th, 2011.

Dr. Galen Brokaw, Associate Professor of Spanish at SUNY, Buffalo, holds a Ph.D. from Indiana University. His primary area of specialization is colonial Latin America with emphases in historiography, indigenous writing, and Nahuatl language and culture. He is also interested in Andean studies and indigenismo and neo-indigenismo in the 19th and 20th centuries. A History of the Khipu, a book part of the Cambridge Latin American Studies series, was published at the beginning of 2010.

Dr. Liliana Sánchez, Associate Professor at Rutgers University. Her research interests are bilingual syntax, comparative syntax and bilingual education. In bilingual syntax, her current work focuses on interference and convergence at the syntax/pragmatics interface (Spanish-English, Spanish-Quechua). In comparative syntax, she works on the interface between informational structure and morphosyntax (Spanish, Quechua). In the area of bilingual education, she works on language policy, curriculum development and assessment in bilingual education programs.