Free Books for Review - No Deadline

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Pennsylvania Literary Journal/ Anaphora Literary Press

Are you interested in receiving a free book from the publisher in exchange for writing a thorough 1,200-1,600 word review of the book? If so, the Pennsylvania Literary Journal is seeking requests from professors in all literary fields. Please choose one of the publishers from the following list (these have already agreed to send free books, and most have already sent at least one book to one of our reviewers):

University Press of Colorado
University of Nebraska Press
Duke University Press
Columbia University Press
Palgrave Macmillan
The University of Alabama Press
University of Chicago Press
John Hopkins University Press
Ohio State University Press

All of the above publishers asked that if a book is requested, a review should be published. If you are interested in a different publisher, you will have to contact their marketing department directly. We hope to add more presses to our list at this year's MLA. Please go on the publisher's website, and choose a book from their catalogue that you anticipate in advance you will enjoy reading or will be useful for your research. Some negative remarks can be productive, but rants are not appropriate. Take a look at the essays or books that you are working on composing. Do you need a book on their lists for your research? You should end up with a book on your shelf that you would want to re-read. Please do not request a book that is expensive (over $50) simply because it is expensive. Many recently published hard-covers are expensive, but try to avoid, rather than covet, the pricier books. The book should have been published in the last five years, or, preferably, the last two years.

Some requests might not be granted, if the publisher has any reservations. Please send requests as soon as possible. Even before an issue is published, we begin sending requests for books for the next issue. We need to give the publisher time for processing and mailing. So, do not hesitate, make a request as soon as you can research the lists.

If PLJ is not already familiar with your work, please send a copy of your C.V. and a few sentences describing why you are interested in the specific book that you are requesting in the email where you choose a press and a specific book for your review. Everybody should also include their mailing address in their query, as the book will be mailed directly to you by the publisher.

The quality of your writing in these reviews is even more important than for the critical essays. A copy of the review will be sent to the publisher. Your words will be closely read by the marketing, and possibly the acquisition departments at these presses. Take your time and make sure that every word is meaningful and descriptive. The review should be between 1,200 and 1,600 words.

You should send requests by email to Dr. Eugenia Russell, at Dr. Russell has been editing our reviews since we started this section in the third issue of PLJ, and she is now officially our Reviews Editor. If you have any questions about PLJ, or about the Anaphora Literary Press, please email the Editor-in-Chief and Manager, Anna Faktorovich, at