Call for Submissions (creative writing & images) - deadline: December 31

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The Caterpillar Chronicles

We are currently accepting submissions for the first issue of our experimental creative writing magazine, "The Caterpillar Chronicles", scheduled to appear in January 2011.

The deadline for these submissions is DECEMBER 31.

The first issue will be built around the following theme: MIRRORS

We welcome submissions of texts and images related to our theme that can fall under the following provisional sections:

Every issue will suggest a photograph. This will give the theme of the issue and will serve as a starting point for texts of fiction and poetry. We accept submissions of short poetic fiction (around 500 words) or poetry based on the proposed image.

You can see the selected photograph for the first issue on our website:

Every issue will suggest a first line alluding to the theme of the issue. We accept short stories that begin with this first line and continue in an appropriate tone and style. The short stories should be of around 1500-2000 words. The quote chosen for the first issue is:

"There is a white hole in the wall, a mirror. It is a trap. I know I am going to let myself be caught in it..." (Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea)

We are happy to publish artists' portfolios on any topics. If you've got material of any form related to the theme of the issue, even better. Please include an artist's statement and a short biography (around 200 words) along with the images.

We are looking for critical theory texts of up to a maximum of 5.000 words based on topics such as the leitmotif of the mirror in literature, mirroring subjectivities, the mirror stage in Lacanian psychoanalysis, critical analysis of visual culture productions and practices featuring mirrors, etc. Be inventive, divagate, suggest brand new topics and quote your sources properly. We accept submissions written in the MLA style (double-spaced; no footnotes, we prefer endnotes; properly formatted bibliography).

We accept short reviews (around 500 words) of books, films, music albums, plays, exhibitions, etc. These should touch on the topic of our first issue, mirrors.

Every issue, the contributors and editors of the magazine will put together a free exquisite corpse text built around the topic of the issue. We will all gain access to an online document where we will each drop a line and add to a composite text meant as an experimental exercise in collective creative writing.

Every issue we accept submissions of photographs for our Image & Text section. The selected picture will be used as a prompt for texts and it will also set the theme of the next issue.

Please submit your texts, images or videos to the following email address:

For any suggestions and comments, feel free to contact us at any time on:

For more details about our magazine, please see our website: