[UPDATE] Transformations deadline December 30, 2010

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Humanities Education and Research Association [HERA]
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HERA (Humanities Education and Research Association) is exploring
Transformations that occur in four groupings or "streams"; transformative
Humanities pedagogy, Humanities research, creative contributions, and making the most of this transformative
Transformative Humanities Pedagogy highlights Humanities teaching
at all levels, engaged learning, and teaching to transform
Transformative Humanities Research includes Humanities research in many disciplines including but not limited to Architecture, Art, Art History, Aesthetics, Classics, Composition, Dance,
Design, Film Studies, History, Literature, Media, Museum Studies, Music, Music Theater, Philosophy, Religion and Theater, Humanities research in many different areas including but not limited to Globalization, Sexuality, Gender, Family, Technology, Ethnic studies, the Environment, and
Sustainability studies.
Transformative Creative Contributions include active Humanities contributions through workshops, performances, and discussion groups.
Making the Most of this Transformative Moment explores using the Humanities, including Humanities Education and Research, in ways that avoid pitfalls like cynicism and embrace qualities like
optimism and courage as we use our power to make the most of this transformative moment.
Go to HERA's website at www.h-e-r-a.org for more information about the conference as well as panel and paper proposals. HERA welcomes papers from academics, museum directors, independent
scholars, and graduate students. Paper proposals due by December 30, 2010.
The historic Hotel Whitcomb is offering HERA conference attendees a transformative deal: $79 per