Spring 2011 Issue of Praxis - From Triage to Outreach: Raising the Institutional Profile of Writing-Center Work

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Praxis: A Writing Center Journal
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For our Spring issue Praxis invites authors to reflect on the various ways writing centers serve student populations and wider communities. We are concerned that when writing centers are perceived only as writing hospitals, places that universities expect will "fix" student writing, they are more susceptible to budget cuts and funding crises. This makes it difficult for centers to sustain non-directive, non-evaluative consultation practices and to serve large, diverse communities of writers.

Praxis understands that, despite common institutional perceptions, many writing centers already assume more than a "triage" role. We welcome articles that describe existing efforts to carve out a broader purview for writing centers, as well as speculative essays about how writing centers help host institutions realize their pedagogical and cultural missions.

We are especially interested in how writing centers can raise their institutional profiles. Praxis believes that non-directive consultation practices, outreach initiatives, and extracurricular writing-center work can be powerful and economically savvy ways to bring accolade to universities, colleges, and high schools. We ask contributors to consider how, in the interest of securing funding, writing centers might present such an argument to institutional audiences.

As always, Praxis also encourages submissions on a wide range of topics related to writing centers. We welcome articles from writing-center consultants and administrators related to training, consulting, labor issues, administration, and writing center news, initiatives, and scholarship. Praxis is also interested in reviews, interviews and survey data related to writing centers.

Submission guidelines:
Recommended article length is 1000 to 2000 words. We will consider longer articles but ask authors to contact us prior to their submission. Articles should conform to MLA style, 7th Edition. Please send submissions as a Word document e-mail attachment to Anthony Fassi at praxis@uwc.utexas.edu. Include the writer's name, e-mail address, and affiliation. Because Praxis is a web-based journal, please do not send paper; we do not have the resources to transcribe printed manuscripts. Images should be formatted as jpeg files and sent as attachments.

Deadline for Spring Issue: February 15, 2010
Praxis: A Writing Center Journal is a biannual electronic publication sponsored by the University of Texas Undergraduate Writing Center, a component of the Department of Rhetoric and Writing at The University of Texas at Austin. It is a forum for writing-center practitioners everywhere.

For further information about submitting an article or suggesting an idea, please contact the editors at praxis@uwc.utexas.edu.