[UPDATE] Irish Postgraduate Film Research Seminar: Space and Time in Film, 29-30 March 2011

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University College Cork, Ireland

Irish Postgraduate Film Research Seminar 2011
Space and Time in Film
University College Cork, Ireland
29–30 March 2011

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Diane Negra (University College Dublin)

The 8th Irish Postgraduate Film Research Seminar will take place at University College Cork on the 29th and 30th of March 2011.
The seminar is aimed at postgraduates who are researching in the field of Film Studies, and is designed to provide a platform for the presentation of new research on aspects of film, television and media by scholars in Irish and non-Irish third-level institutions. This event encourages the development and exchange of ideas, and is intended to contribute to the training of students in research methods and to the advancement of their academic profiles.

Next year, the seminar will focus on two fundamental (and interconnected) aspects of the medium, taking the theme of Space and Time in Film. Each paper should be twenty minutes in length, and can examine space and/or time in film/television/media from a representative, diegetic, aesthetic, cultural, societal, political, or historical perspective. The organisers will also be happy to consider papers which may fall outside of the above rubric, but would complement the seminar's proceedings in other, non-thematic ways.

Following on from this, a special issue of Film Studies at UCC's journal, Alphaville: Online Graduate Journal of Film and Media Studies, will comprise a selection of articles based on delegate presentations given at the seminar. It is expected that this issue will have a publication date of Autumn 2011 (the inaugural issue of Alphaville will be released in Spring 2011).

Those wishing to make a presentation are invited to submit an abstract (max. 250 words), along with a short bibliography and biographical note to the organisers by 15 December 2010 and at the following email address: filmseminar.ucc@gmail.com

Film studies postgraduate students who may not be making presentations, and film and media academics, are encouraged to attend the event. To record your interest in the seminar or to be included in future mailings, send your contact information, details of your academic institution, and an outline of your research topic to the organisers at the above email address.

Please visit the seminar website for more information: http://www.ucc.ie/en/filmstudies/research/conferences/GradSeminar/

Seminar Co-organiser: Abigail Keating, PhD candidate in Film Studies, University College Cork