Serialization: Theory and Practice

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Steven J. Venturino
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Submissions and queries are welcome for a volume of essays that reflects the growing interest both in teaching serial narratives themselves and teaching narratives in a serial manner. These interests unite teachers of Victorian novels with faculty working in a wide variety of media, from graphic novels and comic books to film, radio, television, video games, Web narratives, and even social networking discourses.

The project will develop a sourcebook of resources drawn from the work of interested scholars in a variety of areas, from the teaching of nineteenth-century British and American literature to the newest forms of serial narrative. The breadth of work in this area and the practical nature of serialization as such suggests that these resources will benefit teachers of literature, cultural studies, and film studies, as well as faculty and graduate students interested in developing courses that specifically engage the novel, children's literature, television serials and telenovelas, news cycles, new media, narratives of globalization, and narratology.

Moreover, the volume will reflect syllabi and lesson plans featuring examples of serialization across several levels of college courses, from advanced seminars focused on serialization itself (throughout a variety of periods) to core courses in literature, film, and cultural studies, where long narratives are assigned in a serial fashion.

One-page abstracts by April 1, 2011.
Steven J. Venturino