CFP: ATDS @ MLA 2012

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American Theatre and Drama Society
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CALL FOR PAPERS: American Theatre and Drama Society / Modern Language Association

Deadline: March 1, 2011

The American Theatre and Drama Society invites proposals for papers for two panels at the 2012 Modern Language Association conference, which will be held January 5-8 in Seattle, Washington. The deadline for submitting your proposal is March 1, 2011.

Mind, Body, and Performance: Cognitive Approaches to Theatre and Drama

This panel invites proposals for papers in American theatre and drama that explore connections between the mind and the body in performance. Cognitive science and corporeal approaches have given theatre and performance studies an opportunity to exchange theories and methods with fields such as neuroscience and psychology. From the twentieth-century rise of Stanislavksyan methods, to dance studies, to newer crossover practices such as drama and music therapy, practitioners from the humanities to the biological sciences have spent significant energy exploring the connections between mind and body, knowing and feeling, thinking and doing. This panel encourages papers seeking to apply the insights of such methods to theatre and drama, further exploring the connections between cognitive approaches and the dramatic text or the theatre event.

Vanishing Acts: Performance and the Real

This panel invites proposals for papers that explore relationships between performance acts and the "real." It has become relatively routine, as scholars such as Peggy Phelan, Philip Auslander, Diana Taylor, and Odai Johnson have shown, to recognize the disappearing nature of performance. Its ephemerality, however, sits uneasily with the concrete, material, sensed, and lived experiences of performance. After the last note of an opera, for example, dwindles away, the performance is gone, but a libretto remains, along with costumes, props, promotional materials, and purses filled and emptied. Bodies, too, remain—bodies that have executed the act, changed the scenes, or sensed the performance. Phenomenological, historicist, and materialist approaches (among others) have attempted to grapple with the recoverable "reality," contemplating the bodies, archives, and stage remains connected to and surviving the disappearing act of performance. This panel seeks work theorizing and exploring particular instances of performance's ephemerality and reality, challenging our sense of the boundaries between imagination and materiality, event and reception.

Submission: Please submit electronically as Word attachments proposals not to exceed 300 words to (Peter Reed, Assistant Professor of English, University of Mississippi). Proposals should also include a short CV and proposer's name, mailing address, email address, telephone number(s), academic affiliation, and a statement of membership status in MLA and ATDS. The deadline is March 1, 2010.

Membership: As an affiliated organization, the ATDS is guaranteed one panel and the opportunity to compete for an additional panel. In order to participate in either of these panels, you must be a member of both MLA and ATDS by April 7, 2011. There are no exceptions. If you join MLA solely in order to submit a proposal to the second panel and decide, in the event that your proposal is not accepted, that you wish to cancel your membership, you may request a refund. Apologies for this procedure; it is strict MLA policy. Please indicate in your proposal the panel for which you are applying.