Call for Submissions: Women & Mental Health Anthology (March 1, 2011)

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Laura M. André

It's All in Her Head: Women Making Peace with Troubled Minds will be a dynamic collection of finely crafted, stigma-busting stories by a diverse group of women who have struggled with a continuum of mental challenges, from dysthymia to full-blown schizophrenia.

I am seeking first-person, literary non-fiction essays (please, no poetry) from established writers and talented emerging voices detailing your experience with a mental health issue, and how you've learned to make peace with it. Although your essay may (and should) reveal the truth about what it is/was like to live with your particular challenge, I'm looking for contributions that have a positive and/or hopeful tone (humor is more than welcome), with concrete examples of how you've managed to be productive, successful, satisfied, and yes, happy–or at least content. It's All in Her Head will both acknowledge the severity of treated and untreated mental concerns and also share women's strategies for taking care of themselves and restoring themselves, given the tools at their disposal, from pharmaceuticals to meditation, and everything in between…the winning cocktail that gives them some measure of mastery over their lives.

An enormous number of women have found ways to cope with their challenges and lead productive, creative, intellectually and emotionally satisfying lives. They've ferreted out helpful treatments, medications, practices, habits, and other mechanisms that enable them to make peace with their troubled minds.

How have they done it? How have you done it? It's All in Her Head strives to provide readers with a glimpse into the successful strategies exercised by women whose persistent mental difficulties were met head on with something else in her head: resiliency, resourcefulness, intelligence, determination, and strength. Essays will also include the powerful part played by supportive partners, health care providers, peers, family and friends.

Please consider adding your voice to this collection. There are far too many women who are in need of help. The involvement of established writers will catapult this project into a realm that will have the most reach and influence, to those who need its wisdom most.


Essays should include a title, and run approximately 2000-4000 words.

Although I am looking primarily for material not previously published, I can make a limited number of exceptions.

Please submit essays as Microsoft Word documents, iWork Pages files, or PDFs to

Deadline: March 1, 2011; early submissions and queries strongly encouraged.

Compensation: Yes–commensurate with publishing history.