SCMLA 2010-2011: Australasian Literature and Film Panel

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South Central Modern Language Association

The SCMLA Australasian Literature and Film Panel welcomes submissions on topics related to its theme:

Re(vision)s and Inspirations: Space and Identity in Australasian Literature and Film

Australasian Literature and Film are wellsprings and reflections of creativity as the literature constantly challenges itself to re-envision representation to be transformative, fluid, dynamic and changing. Thus far, some of the impulses in the literature seek to contemplate, revise and re-evaluate Australasia's conflicted colonial legacy and arrive at spaces of inspirational identity. The literature and film's dynamism can also be witnessed in the manner in which it undermines and undoes in order to remake and re-imagine the feminine, indigenous, alternative or migrant identities. In addition, manners in which Australasian literature re-negotiates and re-writes sites such as the city, suburbia and bush and its normative representations are rich commentaries on its Self.

Besides conference papers addressing this brief we welcome those pertinent to other discussion points in Australasian literature. Papers from graduate students are welcomed.

Deadline: March 31st, 2011

Please send your submission to:
Nimmi Agnes Jayathurai,(Panel Chair)
University of Houston