"Fanaticism: Recollections, Representations, Reactions" Louisville--March 25, 2011 (proposal deadline Jan 14, 2011)

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Association of Humanities Academics at University of Louisville (AHA)
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The PhD in Humanities (http://louisville.edu/humanities) and the Association of Humanities Academics at the University of Louisville (ahalouisville.com) announces the annual University of Louisville Graduate Conference in Humanities, March 25, 2011.

This conference encourages a multi-disciplinary approach to examining issues central to the study of the Humanities. As interdisciplinary scholars, we seek to investigate how we are informed by the scholarship that precedes us and how we ratify and revise that dialogue. We welcome papers that consider issues of cultural, political, social, and institutional significance beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries as well as those that fortify existing connections within and across them.

The theme for this year's conference is "Fanaticism: Recollections, Representations, Reactions." The conference is interested in papers that explore the various conceptions and interpretations of fanaticism: globally, culturally, and individually. We invite presenters to discuss topics related to fanaticism--its past, present, and evolution. These discussions could explore the fanaticisms we see on a daily basis: from cult followings of celebrities; to collectors; to political and moral activists; to subcultures arising out of role-playing (gaming culture, war re-enactors, etc). We also hope to have participants interested in examining fanaticism as it has existed and perhaps changed over time--the role of pilgrimage in medieval Christianity, protest parties of the late 18th century, the Shogunate regime of 17th century Japan, etc.

We encourage submissions both critical and creative. We are interested in stimulating a dialogue about fanaticism that will allow for redefinitions of the concept as well as representations via creative critique. Any form of creative work related to fanaticism is invited: fiction, poetry, visual art (accommodations for a show will be arranged, however, we cannot guarantee that works of art will be insured), performance, or a combination of the above. If submitting creative work, please include details about necessary technology/accommodations.

The conference organizers invite abstracts for individual 15-20 minute presentations/papers or panel proposals on interdisciplinary considerations of literature, theory, history, philosophy, the creative arts, language and linguistics, religious studies, women's & gender studies, ethno-musicology, pop culture studies, ethnic studies, and LGBT studies. Abstracts for creative submissions are enthusiastically encouraged.

Presenters should submit abstracts of 300 words by January 14, 2011 to ahalouisville@gmail.com. Please include your name, affiliation, mailing address, and paper title in your email, and please attach an abstract with title only for blind review. Notification of acceptance will be issued by February 1, 2011. Early registration for the conference opens on February 1st; the cost is $10.00. Late registration ($20.00) begins March 1st and will be accepted through March 16th.

All presentations are eligible for consideration for the Association of Humanities Academics Prize, which includes possible publication.