[UPDATE] Time of Protest PANEL

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The Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture Student Alliance at Binghamton University (S.U.N.Y.)
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The Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture Student Alliance at
Binghamton University (S.U.N.Y.) Presents:
The Revolution of Time and the Time of Revolution
A conference
The 25th – 26th of March, 2011
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Peter Gratton, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
University of San Diego, CA

The Time of Protest

In keeping with the conference theme, this panel seeks to give a sense of the ways in which time is produced in radical politics. More specifically, however, the scope of this panel is focused on what we are calling here 'time of protest.' From Guy Debord, Attila Kotányi, Raoul Vaneigem's "Theses on the Paris Commune," to Hakim Bey's "Temporary Autonomous Zone," The Invisible Committee's The Coming Insurrection and "Infinite Strike," to Giorgio Agamben's treatment of Tiananmen, a rich radical philosophical theorization of spatio-temporal configurations of protest informs a radical commitment to social change.

This panel thus seeks submissions that theorize protestive praxis with an eye toward the relation shared between conceptual and tactical formulations of space, time, and protest in their social and political production and across disciplinary divides. In this way, submissions might also analyze current student and labor protest, protest literature in the form of pamphlets, manifestoes, or zines, cartoons, video and/or film, or dominant and alternative sources of news coverage.

Given the particular scope of this panel, some possible topics might include larger topics representative of overall conference themes:
* Radical notions of futurity, historicity, or the expansive present.
* Conceptions on the right moment of action.
* The political reality of time as stasis or cyclical.
* The colonial creation of universal time, and decolonial cosmologies of time.
* Work on thinkers of time and revolution.
* Work on potentiality, the virtual, and the actual.
* Capital and labor time.

Abstracts of 500 words maximum due by January 25th, 2011. In a separate paragraph state your name, address, telephone number, email and organizational or institutional affiliation, if any.

Email proposals to: mappleg1@binghamton.edu
with a cc: to clawren1@binghamton.edu and pic.conference2011@gmail.com