CFP: The Transnational Maghreb: Literature and Society between Local and Global (Tunis March 10-11, 2011)

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Lilia Labidi/Edwige Tamalet Talbayev/Samia Kassab Charfi- U of Tunis/Yale U
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TUNIS – 10-11 March 2011


The Transnational Maghreb: Literature and Society between Local and Global
A site of continuous migration and contact since Ancient Times both within the Mediterranean and the wider African continent, the Maghreb remains uniquely positioned to spur a consideration of dynamic processes of exchange and hybridization in a transnational context. This pluridisciplinary conference aims to assess the evolution of scholarship on the Maghreb in light of the growing globalization of research in the domain of culture. The organizers welcome contributions from all the humanities and social sciences that consider the Maghreb as a heterogeneous space lying at the intersection of several geocultural and symbolic scales. Downplaying the dichotomy between a homogenizing form of globalism and the absolute particularism of the local, we aim to interrogate the cross-cultural processes that emerge when considering the local and the global as mutually constitutive. The ever-increasing circulation of people, capital and ideas requires reading practices more inclusive of new social and migratory practices both within and beyond the framework of the nation. These include but are not limited to relation to otherness, new forms of subjectivity, new practices of consumption, alternative models of citizenship, and an evolution in the media and genres which have marked our understanding of what constitutes literature. We encourage contributions that engage with various scales of analysis, problematizing the local, the national, the global as well as the many forms of cross-cultural contact that have framed Maghrebi society and culture throughout history.
Submissions might consider (but need not be restricted to) the following questions:
- Otherness in Maghrebi literatures
- Forms of transnationalism: trans-regional, trans-local
- Maghrebi literature and diaspora
- Beur literature
- Plurilingual Maghrebi literatures
- The postcolonial
- The transnational Mediterranean
- Travel literature
- The reception of Maghrebi texts
- Texts, circulation and translation
- Intertextuality and transmission
- Transcultural subjectivities/ cosmopolitanism
- Imaginaries and transnational literary networks
- Language and memory: collective memory, lieux de mémoire, the writing of
- Genres, media and global influences: Drama – the Historical Novel – Autobiography – Memoirs – Biographies
- Dictionaries and anthologies as genres
- Notebooks, the press and journals and their relation to literature
- Painting, cinema and photography
- Multimedia technology and literature; websites and blogs
- New genres in music: rap, etc.
- New publishing networks
- Children's literature
- Oral literature and tales in the Maghreb
- Feminism and literary creation
- Sociology and literature

Scientific Committee:

Lilia LABIDI (Université de Tunis) – Edwige TAMALET TALBAYEV (Yale University) – Samia KASSAB-CHARFI (Université de Tunis) – Afifa MARZOUKI (Université de La Manouba) – Jamila MEJRI (Union des Écrivains Tunisiens) – Kamel GAHA (Université de La Manouba) – Hédia KHADAR (Université de Tunis)

Please send abstracts (max. 200 words) as well as biographical notes including name, title, institutional affiliation and contact information to by January 31, 2011. The conference languages will be Arabic, French and English.