[UPDATE] **DEADLINE EXTENDED** Re-Production Interdisciplinary Graduate Seminar

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Comparative Literature Graduate Student Organisation, Binghamton University

Re-Production, March 4-5, 2011

Keynote: BRIGID DOHERTY, Princeton University

Re-production, with equal emphasis on the embedded relation of repetition and production, expresses the problematic of biological, technological, and linguistic apparatuses of capture immanent to capitalism, to history altogether. Reproduction of the imaginary, of bodies, of practices of inscription—verbal, affective, institutional—are not separable from the reproduction of subjectivity, of human life. An analysis of reproduction as both concept and tool would thus speak to the materiality of textual, linguistic reiteration and of physiological, bio-physical, and bio-political production with a difference. We thereby invite papers from multiple disciplines including, but not limited to the following:

re-production and bio-chemical, affective, energetic embodiment

re-production and biological, cosmological, ecological rhythms

re-production and biotechnology

re-production and capitalist/ non-capitalist conditions of production

re-production and capitalist subjectivity

re-production and class/gender/race/

re-production and cognitive-psychic modeling

re-production and colonial knowledge

re-production and consciousness

re-production and cultural codes

re-production at a time of digitalized information

reproduction and evolution

re-production and film

re-production and habituation

re-production and literature

re-production and literary theory and criticism

re-production and materialism

re-production and memory, recollection, trauma

re-production and narrative practices

re-production and perception, sensation

reproduction and the political

re-production and processes of signification

re-production and processes of subjectification

re-production and repressive apparatuses

re-production and ritual

re-production and spaces of representation

re-production and temporality

re-production and translation studies

re-production and the unconscious

re-production and value

re-production and viral transmission

BRIGID DOHERTY, Associate Professor of German and Art & Archaeology, Princeton University, will be our keynote speaker. Her biography can be found here: http://www.princeton.edu/artandarchaeology/faculty/bdoherty/

Please email your 250-word abstract or any queries regarding the conference to re.production2011@gmail.com. Abstracts must be received by January 24, 2011 and should include the participant's name, institutional affiliation, email and phone number.

Please send paper abstracts to:

Re-production Conference
Department of Comparative Literature

P.O. Box 6000

Binghamton, NY 13902