Poetry and Disability -- PAMLA Annual Conference, November 5-6, 2011

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William M. Etter, Irvine Valley College
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Though various scholars (Thomson, Mitchell and Snyder, Holmes, Quayson) have produced essential recent studies of disability in British, American, and World Literature, the application of Disability Studies to literary studies has often focused on the genres of prose fiction and non-fiction. This special session at the PAMLA Annual Conference will promote the further study of disability in poetry. Proposals are invited for papers concerning such topics as the representation of disability in verse, the meaning of a "poetics" of disability, and/or the work of disabled poets from any time period or region.

Proposals (with abstracts of 40 words or less and proposal descriptions of 500 words or less) should be submitted using the online proposal submission form at: www.pamla.org/2011/proposals.

Proposals are due by March 25, 2011. Note: Conference participants must be PAMLA members with 2011 dues paid by May 1, 2011.