Modernization and Globalization: St. John's University Humanities Review: March 7th, 2011

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The Humanities Review, St. John's University

Call For Papers
The St. John's Humanities Review
The St. John's Humanities Review is a graduate student-run journal at St John's University in New York City. While the editors of the journal are always interested in new and exciting essays or creative work of all types, this year's issue hopes to feature work that fits under the broad heading of modernization and globalization. We hope to receive submissions of scholarly or creative work that deal in some way with these themes: the focus may be on issues of modernism and /or post-modernism, on issues in post-colonial and/or global studies. The approach may be primarily sociological and historical, or literary in nature. What we want are submissions that address the theme(s) in new and exciting ways that allow our readers to see the multiplicity of angles and issues these broad headings generate.
Please send your submissions by March 7, 2011. Send them to:
St John's Humanities Review
Anna Sicari, editor