Son of Classics and Comics (Abstracts: April 1, 2011; Contributions: Sep 1, 2011)

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George Kovacs and C. W. Marshall

Call for Papers – Edited Volume

Son of Classics and Comics
Edited by George Kovacs (Trent University) and
C.W. Marshall (University of British Columbia)

Proposals are invited for chapters examining the ancient world in comics and related media for an edited volume to be entitled Son of Classics and Comics.

Classical reception happens everywhere, and as the study of classical debts within popular culture develops, the richness to be mined from these sites of reception is increasingly apparent. Comics, an intersection of word and image, may now be seen as a crucial medium for the representation of the ancient world. Following the publication of Classics and Comics (OUP 2011), the editors are seeking papers of no more than 6000 words that continue to examine the reception of the ancient world within the medium of comics. The selected contributions will comprise a proposed sequel volume, Son of Classics and Comics.

Classics and Comics more than doubled the available scholarship on this intersection of high and low culture, but left many topics unexamined. The editors are particularly interested in discussions of manga and bandes dessinées, though proposals on any subject will be considered. In Son of Classics and Comics, the editors also hope to broaden the purview to include other comics manifestations currently under-examined in reception studies: comic strips, political cartoons, online comics, and possibly animation, depending on the range and quality of submissions received.

The editors seek contributors who will examine classics and comics from a variety of critical, theoretical, and cultural perspectives and continue the high academic standard set by Classics and Comics. There is no limit to the geographical and cultural range of material covered. Like its predecessor, this collection will be aimed at both academic readers and an educated general audience. We seek essays that are both scholarly and engaging, and authors who are equally comfortable in Greek, Latin, and the comics tradition with which they engage. Images are frequently essential to support academic claims being made, and contributors will likely be allowed the equivalent of three or four plates.

Oxford University Press has already expressed interest in producing a sequel to Classics and Comics. Subject to press approval of the final manuscript with completed contributions, the editors expect publication in the series Classical Presences.

Please send a 400-word abstract, along with a separate file containing your name, the abstract title, and a brief biographical statement (or CV), as email attachments in Word or Rich Text Format to both of the editors:

George Kovacs (
C.W. Marshall (

Further questions may also be addressed to either of the editors. The deadline for abstract submission is April 1, 2011. Selected contributors will be informed by April 15, 2011. Completed papers will be required by September 1, 2011.

Classics and Comics can be found here: