CFP: Documenting Gendered Violence: Representations, Collaborations, and Movements

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Heather McIntosh, Boston College
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Call for Book Chapters and Book Chapter Proposals

Working Title: Documenting Gendered Violence: Representations, Collaborations, and Movements

Lisa M. Cuklanz, Ph.D.
Communication Department, Boston College

Heather McIntosh, Ph.D.
Communication Department, Boston College

Submission Deadlines:
Proposals or completed papers: May 15, 2011

Studies surrounding the issues of gendered violence span a variety of approaches and disciplines. These studies focus on elements such as survivors and their experiences, related programs and initiatives, legal policies and changes, and psychological effects and care. Media-centered studies about gendered violence often analyze their representations in fiction television and film. Thus far largely absent from this conversation is an extended inquiry into the plethora of documentaries about gendered violence and attendant issues. This edited volume aims to fill this gap.

We seek completed chapters and chapter proposals that address the intersections of gendered violence and documentary. Gendered violence includes specific subjects such as interpersonal violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sex trafficking, forced sterilization, forced prostitution, genital mutilation, child marriage, kidnapping, child abuse, elder abuse, and murder. Gendered violence affects various people and organizations, including survivors, perpetrators, children and families, social services, advocacy groups, government organizations, and the judicial system, among others. Documentary refers to non-fiction texts produced by the mainstream media, independent media organizations, independent producers, interest groups, government groups, educational organizations, and others. Most frequently, these texts are videos and films, but documentary also refers to photography and other multi-media projects.

Some possible topics for this volume include -- but are not limited to -- the following:

-- Representations of gendered violence and the people it affects within documentary
-- Analyses of documentaries' uses within hospital programs, social organizations, and judicial programs and processes
-- Analyses of documentaries as part of social or media campaigns raising awareness about gendered violence issues
-- Studies of documentary productions either through independent means or in cooperation with other programs or initiatives
-- Analyses of documentaries' roles within policies and policy making
-- Pedagogical analyses of teaching gendered violence documentaries within college and university programs, judicial programs, social organizations, or other contexts

We seek submissions from scholars working on gendered violence issues from across disciplines. Chapters may use any methodology. Submissions from scholars at all career levels are welcome.

The intended audience for this volume includes students and faculty within multiple disciplines, including communication, film and media studies, women's studies, sociology, psychology, and other related fields. In addition, this volume would be useful for those working within social and government groups and movements, including administrators, policy makers, and organizers.

Submission Guidelines
Chapter submissions of original work should be 7,000-8,000 words, including title, abstract, and references. Along with your submission, please attach a current C.V. Use .pdf, .doc., .rtf, or other accessible file format for your attachment. Citation style should be consistent throughout, such as in APA, MLA, or Chicago. Send your submission to or by May 15, 2011. Works should not be previously published or under review for
publication elsewhere.

While complete chapters are preferred, we also will consider proposals, which should run about 1,000 words and include a working bibliography and title. Also attach a current copy of your C.V. Chapter proposals are due May 15, 2011.

If you have any questions, please send them to Lisa Cuklanz at or Heather McIntosh at