Call for proposals: Katherine Mansfield and Influence (28 February 2011)

full name / name of organization: 
Melinda Harvey (Monash University) and Sarah Ailwood (University of Canberra)

Call for book chapter proposals

Working title: Katherine Mansfield and Influence.

We are calling for formal expressions of interest for our essay collection on Katherine Mansfield, which we are framing around the rubric of 'influence'.

We are seeking submissions that talk to Mansfield's influence as a writer, reviewer, editor, diarist, correspondent and person. We are also interested in essays that examine the influence other people but also places, experiences, the arts, philosophical ideas and so on had on Mansfield herself, both during her life and after it.

The volume proposes to rethink the notion of influence, a relatively neglected term in literary studies of recent times, so we especially welcome essays that offer some broader insights into the ways influence manifests itself or the usefulness of influence as an analytical theme.

Topics for discussion might include (but are not confined to):

* The construction of genius
* Originality and plagiarism
* Inspiration
* Intertextuality
* Canonicity
* Coteries
* Patronage
* Obsession
* Mothers and daughters
* Cults and Hagiographies
* Manicuring the archive, preserving the memory
* Reading and readers
* Intergenerational influence
* Representations of Mansfield's stories and Mansfield herself
* Unlikely afterlives and problematic legacies
* Influential critics on Mansfield

At this stage we are asking for firm expressions of interest. If you would like to be a contributor, please send a 500-word abstract plus a 100-word biographical sketch to both Sarah Ailwood ( Melinda Harvey( no later than *Monday 28 February 2011*. Submissions should contain your name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, university affiliation, as well as the working title of the proposed submission. Complete essays will be 6000-8000 words for an expected submission of *Monday 1 August 2011*. Enquiries are welcomed.