The Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies

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Drs Andrzej Gasiorek, Anna Burrells, and Nathan Waddell, University of Birmingham
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'The Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies' (formerly 'The Wyndham Lewis Annual') is the pre-eminent scholarly journal dedicated to the life, paintings, and writings of Wyndham Lewis (1882-1957). The journal is peer reviewed. 'The Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies' seeks to make decisive contributions to Lewis studies, and to be a vital resource for all those working within, or seeking to contribute to, the field. Now under new editorship from 2010 onwards, 'The Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies' seeks a range of new contributions to Lewis studies, and is keen to include work from early career and established scholars. We particularly welcome work which places Lewis's thought, writing, and painting in relation to other key figures from the period, cultural histories, or current debates. Please send:

- 7-8,000 word articles on Lewis's work, especially in relation to other figures, cultural discourses, and intellectual traditions

- 3-4,000 word review essays on the most recent Lewis scholarship, including scholarly texts on topics of related interest (e.g. Cubism, Futurism, ideology critique, etc.).

All submissions ought to engage with the most recent relevant scholarship, and seek to challenge accepted opinion about Lewis's role in the various cultures to which he contributed. Suggested Lewisian topics include, but are by no means not restricted to, the following:

- modernism / intermodernism / postmodernism
- painting / Lewis's visual art criticism
- the idea of tradition / making it new
- politics / political movements / political philosophy
- Lewis's neglected texts (early to late)
- philosophy / ideology critique / cultural criticism
- religion and Lewis / religious thinkers
- music / time / philosophers of the 'temporal'
- architecture and space / place / inhabited space
- popular culture / modernism and the popular
- Lewis as literary critic / Lewis and literary criticism
- film / drama / theatre / ballet / the music hall / poetry
- feminism / women's writing / masculinism / gender

Submissions ought to be formatted using MLA Stylesheet conventions. Use single quotes, double for nested quotes. Email submissions preferred. Articles and reviews may be submitted at any time. Second- and Final-Year Ph.D. students are encouraged to submit material.

To submit please contact with 'The Journal of Wyndham Lewis Studies Submisson' in the subject heading.