[Update] Chitrolekha International Magazine [28.11.2011]

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Chitrolekha International Magazine
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Chitrolekha International Magazine on Art and Design has been conceived of as an attempt at exploring the world of art and design, as a platform dedicated to the artists and designers, design lovers, dreamers and people from the industry to share new ideas and innovations.

For the inaugural issue we are seeking writings on the featured section, other regular sections and projects works from writers, designers and artists on the following topics:


* Traditional art: Alpona

* Architecture: Brihadeeswara Temple

* Feature: Stone Sculpture

Use of stone sculptures in enhancing the beauty of our world (interior, exterior, landscape, garden, city etc)
The processes of creating stone sculpture (from past to present)
Remarkable ancient stone sculptures
Modern/abstract sculptures with analytical description
Sculptures with multiple stones (granite, white marble, colored marble etc)

* Interview of a famous sculptor

* Factory in focus: Problems and suggested solutions

* Home fashion: Indoor vertical garden

* Human fashion: Jewelry on marine theme

* Occasion: Designs created for an occasion

* Artist's corner: Profile and works

* Designer's corner: Profile and works

* Project: Submission of a design/art project

* Phenomenon:

* Book Review
Books on Art/and Design

For detailed guidelines, please visit www.chitrolekha.com/submission.php.

Contact: editor@chitrolekha.com

Deadline of Submission: 28 February, 2011