[UPDATE] 2nd International Aksit Göktürk Conference: "Myths Revisited" 28-29 November 2011

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Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of English Lanuage and Literature - Istanbul, Turkey
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Keynote Speakers:
Prof. Marina Warner, English Theoretician and Writer of Fiction
Murathan Mungan, Turkish Writer of Fiction

Myths are almost as old as humanity and the aim of this conference is to explore myths in their manifold aspects. In ancient times myths constituted a vital part of art and life and indeed, art and life were closely intertwined and almost inseparable. Drama emerged and developed during the festivals held in honour of Dionysus and classic tragedy commonly revolved around the fate of mythical characters.
Not only on temples and ancient vases or in classical epic literature do we find representations of mythical stories, but throughout the history of art, artists have constantly had recourse to myth. Myth has even served to explain human psychology as in the case of Sigmund Freud and his theory of the Oedipus Complex. A close look at contemporary art reveals that myth still maintains its vital force, because a great number of contemporary artists engage with myths and integrate them into their works.
This inter-disciplinary conference seeks to investigate and explore the nature and significance of myth and its impact on diverse fields of art such as literature, drama, film or painting.
To encourage innovative dialogues, we warmly welcome papers from diverse disciplines and professions.

Suggested topics:
Myth and Literature
Myth in Different Cultures
Myth and Popular Culture
Myth and Fantastic Literature
Psychology and Myth
Myth and Film
Myth and Painting
Myth and Fairy Tales
Myths Ancient and Modern
Political Mythology
Myth-Making and Myth-Makers
Mythology as Ideology
Rituals and Cults in Mythology
Cultural Heritage and Mythology
Contemporary Revisionings of Myth
Mythological Figures and Motives