Posthuman Joyce

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Peter Mahon and Matthew Brown

Call for Submissions: PostHuman Joyce: Machines, Informatics, Technology (edited collection)

"In conception and technique I tried to depict the earth which is prehuman and presumably posthuman." (Joyce, discussing "Penelope" in a letter to Harriet Shaw Weaver, 8 February 1922, Letters 1:180, Selected Letters, p. 289)

Essay proposals are invited for a collection entitled Posthuman Joyce: Machines, Informatics, Technology. The relation between Joyce and cyberculture has garnered increasing attention within Joyce studies, but Joyce's relation to the posthuman is not often addressed. The posthuman is itself a varied concept: it encompasses the three "waves" of cybernetics—the homeostatic, the reflexive and the virtual; it includes the amalgam of the human being and mechanical and/ or electronic devices; it also includes a thoroughgoing critique of the ideal of disembodied information that would make the seamless union of the human being and intelligent machine possible. The essays in this volume will explore all facets of the posthuman in its relation to Joyce and Joyce studies. The contributions to the collection would ideally keep the following questions in view: how has the posthuman influenced the formation of Joyce studies? How has Joyce studies affected the study of the posthuman? What do stereotypes of the posthuman and Joyce's work reveal about the ways in which the posthuman works in Joyce studies? Might the treatment/ critique of the posthuman in Joyce be said to change from one text to another, or does something remain constant within the Joyce oeuvre?

In other words, this collection will attempt to map the landscape of the posthuman in Joyce's texts and Joyce studies.

Theoretical, speculative and cross-disciplinary work is particularly welcome. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

- critical and theoretical perspectives on Joyce and artificial intelligence;
- critical evaluation of the role/ use of the posthuman in the history of Joyce studies;
- critical evaluation of the role/ use of Joyce in the history of posthuman studies;
- cyberJoyce
- information patterns in Joyce's work;
- posthuman Joyce and the Irish state;
- posthuman Joyce and colonialism;
- posthuman Joyce and post-colonialism;
- posthuman Joyce and language;
- posthuman Joyce and place;
- posthuman Joyce and history;
- posthuman Joyce and memory;
- the relationship between posthuman and the history of Joyce studies;
- sites of the Joycean posthuman: literary, historical, memorial, topographical, etc.
- Joyce's work as a medium for the conception of the posthuman;
- analysis of Joyce's relation to his contemporaries in the formulation of the posthuman;
- Joycean critiques of the posthuman;
- the posthuman in Joyce's sources
- critical evaluation of the relationship between Joyce's compositional techniques and the principles of posthumanism;
-representations of animal/human/machine and the contribution of posthuman Joyce to human rights, animal rights, etc.

Deadline for proposals (300 words max): May 15, 2011. Complete essays will be due in Fall 2011.

Enquiries and submissions to co-editors:

Dr Peter Mahon
Department of English,
University of British Columbia,
397 - 1873 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1

Dr Matthew Brown
Department of English
University of Massachusetts Boston
Boston, MA, 02125